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Experience some of the most relaxing and uplifting articles about the Serengeti wilderness – and find out how to live these experiences in your life every day
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·         Are you dying to go on a ‘holiday of a lifetime… maybe in Africa…’, but cannot make the time or money to go?

·         Would you love to see the world but fear you may never make it?

·         Do you enjoy meeting different people, seeing new places, but may never have the time to go out there and do this?

·         Do you enjoy sharing different experiences of life and the role that God plays in His beautiful creation?

·         Do you enjoy reading authentic, non-pretentious, true life stories?

Take a break from your hectic day… and drive through the wild, smell the rising dust of the elephant herd, watch the lions play … experience the thrill of a vast African Garden where nature comes alive through the eyes, heart and mind of one who loves, and lives in this glorious God-given Garden.

Twice a month (no information overwhelm, I promise), I share my experiences in the Garden, share the love of God as I walk through this Garden, and bring you softly into a world where we can live in love and peace with all of creation around us.